Ear Congestion
Ear Congestion

The Best Essential Oils for Ear Congestion and How to Use It

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Ever had that feeling of discomfort in your ear where your hearing sense wasn’t functioning clearly? You were most likely suffering from ear congestion. Contrary to popular belief, this is a fairly encountered problem. Furthermore, there is an increase in statistics of ear congestion patients in the last several years because of a rise in upper respiratory tract infections and the more frequent usage of plane as a preferred form of transportation. In most cases, this condition will go away on its own but there is a chance it can lead to a more serious disease. You should be worried if the ear congestion doesn’t go away within 7 days and there is pain, ear discharge, nose bleeds, and dizziness. The likelihood of that ever happening is very slim though. Even though ear congestion can clear up on its own, it’s never wrong to do some treatment. The most recommended way is to use essential oils for ear congestion.

Best Essential Oils for Ear Congestion

Ear Congestion
Ear Congestion

Speaking about ear anatomy, it has three parts namely the inner ear, external ear and the middle ear. The fluid that is responsible for causing pain and sometimes even hearing loss is located in the middle ear. In clinical term, this condition is called otitis media effusion or OME or fluid in the middle ear.

The fluid is the result of some kind of dysfunction that occurs in the Eustachian tubes.

Children are frequent patients of otitis for the tubes have yet fully developed. Adults can get ear infections as well and in most cases it is caused by air pressure changes like diving or flying on a plane.

If you go to the doctor, he will most likely prescribe you with some nasal decongestants as well as corticosteroids but the fact is they sometimes do not always work.

That’s why, using essential oils for ear congestion is a better alternative for you.

Essential oils are highly recommended as home remedies to treat ear congestion for they contain antibacterial, natural antiseptic properties that can relieve pain.

They can treat all sinus conditions not the least of which ear congestion. Essential oils contain active molecules which can act on a various kinds of sources of discomfort.

  • Essential oils provide ways for blood circulation improvement and pain relief in the infected ear
  • Some of the essential oils can inhibit the neurotransmitters which send pain signals to the brain
  • Not only are essential oils able to treat fluid in ears but also decongest the nasal passages which in return makes breathing a little easier
  • Essential oils can dissolve earwax and as a result will solve your blocked ears or ear congestion.
  • Essential oils can reduce inflammation of the ear membranes which will soothe ear congestion and earaches as well as speed up ear drainage
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Don’t be swayed by the idea that ear congestion can clear up on its own. It is better for you to take swift action at the first sign of pain because ear infections can spread really quickly.

This list of essential oils for ear congestion can help you to alleviate the pain and speed up drainage.

  1. Lavender and chamomile

Lavender and chamomile
Lavender and chamomile

These two things should be used separately. Both lavender and chamomile are proven effective to treat ear infections and can reduce pain caused by them. You can use them simultaneously as well and the result will be even more effective.

One popular method to treat ear congestion is by applying warm compresses to the check and ear. This simple treatment can reduce pain and prevent the infection from spreading farther into the ear.

Another alternative to use this particular essential oils for ear congestion is to add a drop of lavender oil to one tablespoon of warm olive oil. Then, mix them well and soak a cotton ball with this oil blend and gently place it against your ear.

Lavender is highly recommended for earaches and ear congestion treatment for it has really strong pain relieving effects. This is one of the many essential oils that inhibit the pain neurotransmitters. It reduces the throbbing sensation inside your infected ear.

Furthermore, lavender essential oils has sedating and calming properties and can act on physical and mental levels. It will help you sleep during your recovery. People who have asthma should consult their doctors beforehand. Note that, lavender essential oil is not meant to be used in high amounts.

If you diffuse or pour an excessive amount of it, it will the opposite soothing and calming effect. One more important thing to remember is that you should never make the mistake of picking the wrong lavender essential oils.

You should choose it after its botanical name and not the Spike lavender and Lavandin essential oils.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contain some really powerful antiseptic properties that is great for ear infection treatment. In fact, this particular essential oils for sinus ear might be the best most effective and best home remedy for it can kill the source of the infection.

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To use this home remedy to its full extent, use it in a steam inhalation.

This method allows the oil vapors to spread throughout the respiratory and sinuses system and thus enabling the essential oil to reach the source of the infection.

  1. Eucalyptus, peppermint and pine

Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil

The previous essential oil may provide you with the best infection fighting benefits but it cannot reduce sinus congestion as meritoriously as eucalyptus, peppermint and pine essential oils do.

Using any of these three kinds will help you to breathe easier and bring sinus relief.

The citrusy fragrance from eucalyptus essential oils gives you a very pleasant sensation. It can reduce inflammation really quickly. Steam inhalation can also clears up the sinuses.

Furthermore, any of these oils gives you sedating and soothing effects on your nervous system.

Note that, you should never use it excessively no more than 20% of eucalyptus oil regardless if you diffuse it or use it topically. The peppermint oil, on the other hand, is very useful to treat pain and improve circulation.

  1. Basil essential oil

Basil essential oil
Basil essential oil

The Latin name for this essential oil is Ocimum basilicum. This is another excellent natural remedy for all sort of sinus problems.

Furthermore, it can help with skin and digestive problems as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, you might like to know that Basil essential oil is a great remedy to alleviate arthritic pain. Basil essential oil can relieve pain and can reduce inflammation in the infected ear.

The oil provides stimulation for the circulation and thus able to speed up ear drainage naturally.

Moreover, it gives you mild sedating effects and you will be able to sleep better and bring you to a calm and anxiety-free state. Note that, you should diffuse basil essential oil with another essential oils to treat fluids in ears.

It is not meant to be diffused alone. Word of warning though, if you happen to suffer from seizures, asthma, diabetes and other certain conditions, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor beforehand.

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Please remember that essential oils should never be used directly to the ear. If you want to use it, it has to be diluted with a carrier oil or other essential oil if you want to diffuse it instead.

Never pour any kind of essential oils directly into your ear canals. It is recommended to massage around and behind the ear.

Moreover, testing every new bottle of oil is important to watch out for adverse skin reactions for they may contains various chemical components.

Another thing to remember is that essential oils are not meant to be used for fluids in ears on elderly people or babies without clear medical advice from doctors.

Pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding should also consult their doctors first before using any essential oils.

Last but not least, any kinds of essential oils should never be taken orally without any medical advice or supervision.

Now that we have cleared some things up, here are some of the best and safest ways to use essential oils for ear congestion.

First thing first, when using essential oils for ear congestion or earaches, you should never pour essential oils directly into the ear canal or else you will burn the protective membrane and risk damaging the eardrum.

All essential oils should be used in the lowest amount as well as diluted in a carrier oil.

To do this, you need to mix 1 or 2 drop of any essential oils listed above for otitis with two tablespoon or about one ounce of carrier. Then.

Massage the area around the ears and the neck with the blend. Another alternative way to use it is by applying a drop or two of this mix on some cotton and then place it gently in the external ear. Note that, you should never push it inside the ear canal.

The third way to use essential oil for otitis treatment is by pouring a drop or two of any essential oils on a hot compresses and then place it gently on the infected ear.

You can also steam baths or take showers with essential oils to speed up ear drainage.

You can use any of these essential oils for ear congestion and any way listed above. These natural remedies are safe and will surely speed up recovery.

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