Jasmine Oil
Jasmine Oil

Mind-blowing Facts about Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits

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Jasmine essential oil, or also known as Jasmine Absolute is an essential oil that offers lots of benefits and is really hard to find. This oil is also a little expensive but this fact is justifiable because it also offers some really beneficial things for us. Jasmin Absolute is especially popular because it is used as the important ingredient for making perfumes like Chanel No. 5 as well as Eau de Sauvage. When it comes to food, Jasmine oil provides benefits as well because it can be used as flavor, confectionery as well as desserts. There are still way more jasmine essential oil benefits you need to know and read on below to find out.

About Jasmine Oil and its Benefits

 Jasmine Oil
Jasmine Oil

Jasmine essential oil is made from a variety of properties like benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl acetate, linalool, benzyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, geranoil as well as methyl anthranilate. This oil blends well with neroli, bergamot, rose, petitgrain, sandalwood, rosewood, geranium, palmarosa and citruses.

Jasmine essential oil benefits are abundant. This oil has been dubbed to be a powerful aphrodisiac that contains seductive qualities.

This essential oil can help to overcome sexual problems like impotence or premature ejaculation. Furthermore, this essential oil is especially helpful to use during yoga.

Here is a list of some of the advantages that Jasmine Absolute offers.

  1. It can help to relieve labor pains as well as menstrual problems. Pain that women often experience during menstruation can be reduced with the help of this essential oil. It can also aid in regulating a female’s menstruation cycle as well. Furthermore, pregnant women who are approaching labor may benefit from this too because it has been reported that Jasmine Absolute can strengthen contractions and promote breast milk flow.
  2. Jasmine essential oil can help in rejuvenating your skin. Jasmine essential oil benefits for skin include dry skin treatment, dermatitis and eczema. Note that, this oil should never be applied to open and fresh wounds for it can cause skin irritation or even allergies.
  3. This oil can be used as a natural antiseptic. The ingredients contained in this oil such as benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, as well as benzyl benzoate have germicidal and antiviral properties which can effectively prevent infections when you apply it to wounds.
  4. Jasmine Absolute provides help in treating spasms as well. it has the power to alleviate spasmodic cough, spasms in other body parts as well as stomach cramps.
  5. This oil will aid you to relax your mind. One of the best jasmine essential oil benefits is that it has the ability to improve your state of mind by inducing optimism, confidence as well as euphoria. It can get rid of fear, stress and guilt too. Furthermore, the aroma it gives off can also help you to relax and uplift your spirit.
  6. Jasmine essential oil can help prevent infections. This oil is an effective disinfectant and antiseptic which contains antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal and germicidal properties. You will be able to prevent wounds from becoming septic when you apply it externally and thus will eliminate potential infections from tetanus. Furthermore, it is helpful to use internally. When you inhale jasmine essential oil, it can reduce infections in the respiratory system. This will help relieve coughs as well as colds.
  7. Jasmine Absolute contains expectorant property which can reduce coughs. This oil will provide relief from a cough by clearing out the accumulation of phlegm in the respiratory tracts. It can get rid of snoring as well by helping clear the congestion from respiratory and nasal tracts.
  8. If you are suffering from insomnia, you should absolutely benefit from jasmine essential oil. This oil contains properties which can provide help to induce long, undisturbed and restful sleep. This oil will act as antispasmodic, sedative and expectorant and those three things will indulge you in a long and peaceful sleep.
  9. Jasmine essential oil contains property which can provide relief for women who are suffering from obstructed and irregular menses and premature menopause. It contains emmenagogue property which can help regulate period cycles and thus will make female’s periods less painful and even clearer and at the same time can push back menopause. Furthermore, it can relieve you from other issues related to menstruation like annoyance, fatigue, mood swings as well as nausea.
  10. Jasmine essential oil can facilitate lactation. It will aid you in increasing milk secretion from breasts which makes it really beneficial for lactating mothers and their newborns. Furthermore, this property can help mothers from cancer and breast tumor.
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The primary jasmine essential oil benefits are as follows:

  • Used in massage therapy as well as supports joints and muscles
  • Aids circulatory system
  • Supports respiratory system
  • Good for oily skin

The aroma of Jasmine essential oil is so stimulating that it can promote feelings of vitality, warmth and strength.

To top it off, Jasmine Absolute provides you with emotional benefits as well. The aromatic effect on the nonphysical are really fascinating. This oil has been dubbed as the oil of support where you will be aided to find your own inner strength and support.

This essential oil is similar to White Fir in that it helps you to break generational patterns and ultimately bring recovery to relationships. You will basically be assisted in overcoming feeling alone, rejected, unsupported and other negative feelings.

This essential oil is also beneficial when you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and resistnt toward others. Another jasmine essential oil benefit in terms of health is that it can relieve depression. Jasmine essential oil gives off a pleasing as well as uplifting effect on the human mind and thus can actively fights depression. Ultimately, this process can make a person feel happier.

Jasmine essential oil has that aromatic effect which can stimulate the release of certain hormones in your body such as serotonin. This can result in your energy improvement and your mood being uplifted.



Many brands you see on the markets may be labeled as safe but it is highly recommended that you never use Jasmine essential oil internally for it might cause sensitivity to traces of the extracting solvent that is left behind. That is why, testing for skin sensitivity beforehand is of great importance before you use it.

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Furthermore, using this oil in excessive amount can very well lead to skin sensitization. You should keep this oil out of your ears, nose and eyes. Note that, not all oils are created equal.

Different industries may have different standards and different rules. They might also define terms such as pure and natural differently.

Testing brands carefully is a must and do not use this oil, or any oil in particular, in a sway which is not recommended by the maker.

In order to find out which brand is a high quality essential oil, you should follow these pointers below.

  1. Proper plant varieties
  2. Every plant is grown indigenously in order to have a healthy plant
  3. The plants are grown without herbicides, chemical pesticides, etc.
  4. The plants are harvested with precise timing in order to make sure peak properties are correct
  5. The oil is extracted with proper temperature as well as pressure in order to preserve oil molecules
  6. There is a third-party testing of every batch
  7. Stand behind the internal use of their oils

Below are some of the popular and safe ways to use Jasmine essential oil.

  1. Apply the oil to the abdomen in order to manage the symptoms of PMS
  2. You can combine one drop of jasmine essential oil with conditioner in your palm. Then, gently apply it to your hair and scalp to nourish and moisturize your hair
  3. Dab one or two drops on wrinkles as well as décolletage before applying facial moisturizer
  4. You can apply jasmine essential oil to your pulse points in order to soothe nervous tension and ultimately uplift your foul mood
  5. Put a dab of jasmine essential oil in your hands and then rub them together. Rub the oil over your nose and mouth and then inhale deeply. You can also massage over the heart center
  6. Use one drop of jasmine essential oil to massage your heart center as needed for love
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Here are some more ways along with the appropriate dose how to use this oil the right way.

  1. For monthly relief massage blend

Use a 10 ml roller bottle and add 2 drops of jasmine essential oil as well as 4 drops of Marjoram essential oil. Add carrier oil as well and massage your abdomen or lower back as necessary.

  1. For romantic diffuser blend

Mix one drop of jasmine essential oil along with one drops of oils like Wild Orange and Patchouli.

  1. For foaming face wash

Whisk together 8 ounce mild and unscented castile soap along with 8 ounce of distilled water. Add one tablespoon sweet almond oil and 20 drops of jasmine essential oil. Don’t forget to add 10 drops of Geranium essential oil into the mix. Then, simply pour them into foaming soap dispenser

Now that you have learned about jasmine essential oil benefits, the right way to use it for and precautions needed to avoid negative outcomes, you are ready to take advantage of this magical oil!

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