vacuum carpet to ward off roaches
vacuum carpet to ward off roaches

How to Get Rid of German Roaches Quickly and Effectively

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If your home is invested by nasty roaches, they are most likely German roaches for they are the most common roaches to invest houses and can be the most taxing o manage most of the time.

They can surround your home in no time because it only takes one egg from a female German roach to produce 30 or 40 more eggs and one female German roach is able to produce 6 casings in her lifetime.

That’s why, their population can get out of hand quickly if they are not managed as soon as possible. Learn how to get rid of German roaches below.

Getting Rid of Them Naturally

These insects are nasty and move like ninja. If no swift action is taken quickly then the situation can get out of control. Luckily, there are many ways how to get rid of German roaches naturally, using poisons or even by hiring exterminator.

We are going to elucidate natural methods to kill German roaches first in case some of you do not want to spray toxins inside and around the house. Remember that natural methods require patience.

  1. Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth
Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the most toxic-free and natural way how to get rid of German roaches. This natural substance is derived from deposits of diatom fossils and by using this, roaches will be unable to develop immunity to it. If you use other insecticides, there is still a big chance that those nasty insects will develop immunity to them. Diatomaceous earth eradicates roaches through ingestion and contact. The powder is known to be abrasive which can cut into roaches’ exoskeleton.

When diatomaceous earth finally settles inside roaches’ bodies, water will be absorbed by the powder and thus causing them to dehydrate and eventually die. You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth inside and outside your house. This stuff is also safe to use around your pets and children.

To top it off, this powder can eradicate other insects too that you happen to have in your home.

Remember that you have to reapply the powder constantly in order for it to work all the time. It can take months for the roaches to disappear completely. It all depends on how severe the infestation is.

Moreover, diatomaceous earth cannot murder roaches’ eggs too so that’s why you have to lay the powder to kill any newborn roaches.

  1. Botanical insecticides

 D-Limonene insecticide
D-Limonene insecticide

This method is a little aggressive than the previous one. This stuff is derived from plants and have little harmful side effects compared to that of harsh poisons. Most of this products are specifically designed to eradicate roaches.

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Botanical insecticides consist of ingredients such as pyrethrin (insecticidal compounds found in the flowers of pyrethrum flower), D-Limonene (a terpene found in citrus oil), cinnamon oil and rosemary oil.

It is advisable that you do prior research before getting them because some botanical insecticides are proven to be more effective than others.

  1. Bring natural predator into the picture

geckos and iguana
geckos and iguana

Bring a natural predator inside your house that eat all those roach like geckos or iguanas. So, if you don’t feel like spraying your home with anything then make use of the food chain. Both of these animals fee off roaches so they can fix your problem for you.

You can use other animals too like toads, beetles and frogs. Moreover, did you know that entomathogenic fungi can also be used to kill roaches? It is because their spores attach to roaches’ bodies and kill them in a matter of weeks.

Once a roach is affected, it will pass the parasite to others and create a domino effect so the nest will eventually be killed.

  1. Clean your home thoroughly

vacuum in the house
vacuum in the house

Roaches don’t just come into your house for nothing, they are attracted to it because there is something to eat and shelter to nest in. so, your solution is to get rid of all the food, water and potential shelters so that they won’t stay.

Make sure that your food is stored in containers which are air-tight and you throw your garbage on a daily basis. Don’t forget to mop, sweep and vacuum every day too.

Furthermore, make sure that every gap, crack and hole in your house structures is sealed because it can give entry to roaches to get in.

Those are some of the best natural ways how to get rid of German roaches. As long as your house doesn’t have water, food and shelter to nest in then you shouldn’t worry about them ever infest your house.

You should also do regular German roach control program like sanitation to keep them at bay. Below are some of the things you can do.

  1. Take out indoor trash and empty them
  2. Clean trash dumpster regularly
  3. Don’t leave food in sink strainers and run garbage disposal frequently
  4. Seal all food containers
  5. Keep all of your dishes clean with no residue
  6. Kitchen appliances like microwave, ovens, toasters, stoves and fridge should always be in a clean state in order to keep them grease free and food free
  7. Pick up all pet food
  8. Don’t leave any food out in the open where roaches can find it easily
  9. Vacuum any crumbs or food particles
  10. Throw away all paper bags, empty soft drink bottles or cardboard boxes
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Getting Rid of German Roaches in Your Car

German roaches do not only infest your house, they can also nest in your car. This can get make you feel overwhelmed in an instant because the inside of cars doesn’t really leave you any room to escape if these creatures decide to come in your direction.

Roaches nesting in cars is a common thing. Read how to get rid of German roaches in a car below but first of all you must be wondering how they get inside and why they nest there.

Well, roaches are always looking for two things namely water and food so if tend to eat in your car, they will most likely get in because of those leftover crumbs, fast food bags or empty wrappers. Getting rid of them require some patience too but it all will pay off in the end.

  1. Clean your car

Roaches in Your Car
Roaches in Your Car

Once roaches sniff food in your car, they will find a way to get in so you should take away any food or leftover and trails of bread crumbs.

Don’t leave any food bag or container in the car and get rid of those empty cups too. Roaches also eat glue on boxes so throw any empty boxes you may have in your car too.

Once you have cleaned your car, vacuum it thoroughly and shampoo the carpets if it is necessary.

  1. Refrain from eating in the car

vacuum carpet to ward off roaches
vacuum carpet to ward off roaches

When you have wasted so much energy cleaning your car thoroughly, it will amount to nothing if you will eat in your car again afterwards. It might be difficult at first, especially if you are so used to doing that.

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However, if you must really do that then make sure you clean up thoroughly and immediately. You can even vacuum the carpet to really ward off roaches.

  1. Use boric acid or diatomaceous earth

boric acid or diatomaceous earth
boric acid or diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth and boric acid can also be used to ward off roaches in your car. They are really effective to keep those nasty German roaches at bay.

Sprinkle them on the floor of your car and once the roaches crawl across and come into contact with the powder, they will be killed.

Just a heads-up, you might not want to use boric acid if you tend to have kids or pets in your car because boric acid is toxic to humans and animals.

The other one, however, is safe to use both for pets and children. You can even rub diatomaceous earth on your pet’s fur to get rid of fleas. This is a very versatile way how to get rid of German roaches.

  1. Use roach fumigation

fumigation for car
fumigation for car

In case the level of infestation has gotten really bad and boric acid or diatomaceous earth can’t help you get rid of them, then you should use a fogger.

Note that, it is important for you to use caution using this because you are going to spray poison in a small space.

Once the fumigation has been done, you will have to do a thorough airing out of the car. Then, when it’s done doing its work, you have to open all the car doors and let the air out for several hours.

You should also turn on the AC for 10 minutes or more in order to clean out the vents as well.

While this can be a very effective and quick way to how to get rid of German roaches, you should consider this as a last resort.

Eradicating German roaches require some patience especially if they come in a huge number. All of these natural ways how to get rid of German roaches will make your home roach-free.

Make sure that you remove those dead roaches immediately because roaches also eat their dead friends so you don’t want to give them another food source.

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