Clean eyelid with water and mild soap
Clean eyelid with water and mild soap

How to Get Rid of a Stye Quickly: Best Methods and Home Remedies

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Stye is a small sore swelling located on the edge of an eyelid. This red bump is also called hordeolum. Eyelids contain a lot of tiny oil glands and dirt, oil or dead skin buildup can very much block or clog these small holes.

Bacteria can grow inside when a gland is clogged or blocked and eventually a stye will develop.

If you are just finding out about this or is actually suffering from it, learn how to get rid of a stye quickly.

How to Heal It

You might be getting a stye if the following symptoms show up: swelling and pain, a crust which forms around the eyelid, increased tear production and itchiness or soreness.

However, if you don’t experience the painful feeling then you might get chalazion.

It requires the same treatments as stye but the former usually takes longer to heal. These 7 ways how to get rid of a stye quickly can speed up your healing process.

  1. Use warm compress

warm compress
warm compress

If you ask people what is the most effective way how to get rid of a stye quickly, the majority of them would probably say warm compress. It is true though because the warmth can actually dissolve the oil and pus so the stye will drain naturally.

To do this, you need to wet a clean washcloth or any absorbent material with warm water and make sure the water is not so hot.

Then, wring the cloth to prevent it from dripping while still stays damp. Place it over the swollen eyelid gently and wait for 5 or 10 minutes. When the heat dissipates from the compress, you should reheat it and then apply it again to the stye.

Remember to not puncture the stye or squeeze during. Do this 4 times daily. Do not press the cloth with too much force because it might cause injury to your eye and a new stye will likely to occur.

This compress method is really effective for it can unblock the clogged oil gland and thus promote drainage.

  1. Clean eyelid with water and mild soap

Clean eyelid with water and mild soap
Clean eyelid with water and mild soap

It is advisable that you pick a tear-free baby shampoo for this. Then, mix it with a small amount of warm water. Gently wipe off your eyelids with it by using a cotton swab or you can also use a clean pad.

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Do this daily until the stye is completely gone. Moreover, cleaning your eyelids can also prevent future styes to develop.

You can also use saline solution which will promote drainage as well as break down bacterial membranes

  1. Make use of warm tea bag

warm tea bag
warm tea bag

You can alternate between using warm washcloth and warm tea bag. Note that, the best kind is black tea for it can help reduce swelling a swell as contains some antibacterial properties.

To do this, you need to boil water and then drop the tea bag in a mug like you are actually making a tea to drink.

Then, let it steep for a minute and when the tea bag already cools enough you can place it over your swollen eyelid. Leave it there for 5 or 10 minutes. It is better if you use separate tea bag for each eye.

  1. Use oral antibiotics

oral antibiotics
oral antibiotics

If you are getting worried because the stye doesn’t disappear in two weeks then go to your local ophthalmologist and he might prescribe you with oral antibiotics.

Oral medicines are basically chemical substances which are produced by microorganisms.

The medicine will work by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms or it can even destroy them. You might be prescribed with antibiotic or steroid ointment or even a topical antibiotic ointment.

Oral antibiotics which are taken during the early stages of stye development can very well stop full blockage of the oil gland. Furthermore, some oral antibiotics can unblock the oil gland by helping it to function properly.

  1. Over-the-counter painkillers

taking an ibuprofen
taking an ibuprofen

Taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help ease the pain. Make sure you take the right dosage by following the instructions on the package.

Then, if the stye begins to get in the way of you daily activity, it is recommended that you see a doctor.

  1. Don’t wear makeup or contact lenses

dont use contact lenses
dont use contact lenses

While the stye is still there, you should avoid using any makeup because it can irritate your eye eve more and can very well delay your healing process.

Moreover, the bacteria can travel from the eyelid to your makeup tools and your other eye might get infected as well.

Moreover, you should also wash your makeup brushes regularly and throw out all of eye products that are over three months old.

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You should stick with wearing glasses until the stye disappear and don’t wear contact lenses. Bacteria from the stye can travel to your lenses and infection will be spread.

  1. Massage the area to create drainage

Massage the area to create drainage
Massage the area to create drainage

Massage the area with a combination of lid wipes to create drainage. Massage it gently with hands that have just been washed. Keep the area clean once the stye drains and don’t touch your eyes.

You should stop the massaging if it starts to hurt.

Remember that you are not supposed to pop, touch or squeeze a stye even though it might seem so tempting. Squeezing can actually release pus and thus spread the infection.

The above ways how to get rid of a stye quickly should help you heal but ou should consult your doctor if the stye happens inside your eyelid and he may drain the stye in the office.

Stye is not contagious, fortunately, for it is just a local inflammation or irritation which cannot be spread to others through casual contact.

If you are looking for home remedies, here are more ways how to get rid of a stye overnight.

  1. Use potatoes. It is easy to get and prove to be effective. Make a potato paste and then you should spread it on a pad and apply it on your eyelid
  2. Guava leaves help too. They are really handy for this. To do this, you need to heat them and place them on a warm as well as damp pad. Place it over your eyelid while applying some pressure.
  3. Spinach can be very helpful veggie for this. Boil a handful of spinach and drain the pot. Apply it the same way as a poultice on your swollen eyelid. Hold it for as long as 30 minutes. Repeat this procedure three times every day for a fantastic result.
  4. Use aloe vera. This method is very simple for you only need to cut the leaf and milk the pulp. Then put the obtained gel directly on the eyelid and leave it there for a while before you rinse off with water. Aloe vera is known to have various advantages for many things and it is also known to be an effective home remedy for a myriad of diseases. If anything, this is probably the most important thing that you need if you get a stye. It has been dubbed as the fastest way how to get rid of a stye quickly.
  5. Use eggs. Everyone most likely has eggs stored in their fridge so this method is very practical. Eggs that have been laid recently are the ones that are most effective for getting rid of a stye. Place it on the swollen eyelid for five minutes. You can also use egg for a stye by putting the egg white on a clean pad and use it as a compress. Place it on the stye for fifteen minutes and not more. Do this three times.
  6. Use fresh parsley if you have any at home. Do this by putting a cup of boiling water over a handful of parsley. Leave it for ten minutes before you put it on the stye using a clean piece of cloth. It is recommended that you do this a few hours prior going to bed and do this again for several minutes before you sleep. Moreover, this remedy is proven to be effective to treat puffiness around the eyes as well.
  7. Coriander seeds
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Coriander seeds are another great source how to get rid of a stye quickly. Simply mix the seeds with water for two hours. Squeeze the seeds and use the drained water to clean the stye.

Rinse it when you are done cleaning the swollen area. Do this process a few times if you want fantastic result.

Maybe making home remedies is not for everyone. If you want something instant then you should buy over-the-counter eye drop or ointments.

These things can speed up the healing process. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first before buying any of them though.

Stye can be a real really annoying and painful and it is highly recommended to treat a stye as soon as possible. If you are positive a stye is developing in your developing, do one of these ways how to get rid of a stye quickly or see your doctor immediately.

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