heart palpitations when lying on left side.
heart palpitations when lying on left side.

Heart Palpitations when Lying on Left Side and the Logical Explanations

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It seems pretty illogical or impossible to suffer from heart palpitations when lying on left side. However, you should know that the human body is super amazing – there are limitless possibilities that may happen to it. Even when you think it would be impossible, there is always a possibility that it may happen to you.

A condition such as the heart palpitations can happen for many different reasons and for many different situations. If you want to know more about the condition, it is better to get the facts straight and have an honest review about your own condition.

In the event that you suffer from the same issue, it doesn’t hurt to look into different solutions and alternatives.

Heart Palpitations and Lying Down

Heart palpitations are the condition when your heart is having an abnormal rhythm or beating. Although this is an issue that is commonly felt by those having cardiovascular issues, it is possible that those without any heart problem to experience such a thing.

Palpitations can come in various forms – in general, the beat can be longer or the irregular beating pattern. Some people describe the sensation as the flutter or the flapping inside the heart.

Some even say that it felt as if the heart stopped beating or the heart simply dropped to your stomach.

Heart Palpitations and Lying Down
Heart Palpitations and Lying Down

There are some situations where it is pretty common to suffer from the heart palpitations. When you are pregnant, the change of hormone and your bodily function will happen, and it may alter the way your heart beat. When you have a heart issue, such palpitations are pretty common.

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When you are stressed out, anxious, or afraid, it is pretty common for the palpitations to happen. In some cases, you don’t have to worry about the condition or whatsoever – it is pretty common that most people would ignore it.

But in some cases, you should be aware of the condition, especially when the condition is accompanied by other symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, breath shortness, or chest pain.

Heart palpitations generally felt around the chest, but it is also possible to feel the beat up to your neck and throat.

Some may even claim that they feel the beat down to the stomach but it may be their own imagination or panic thoughts in relation to the condition.

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In this case, heart palpitations when lying on left side is also possible because some people claim that they can feel the beat pretty clearly.

The irregular beats may happen for a short period of time but some may experience longer. The most visible irregular beating can happen when lying down or after eating.

The Most Common Causes

consume caffeine
consume caffeine

When you lie down and you start experiencing the flutter of the heart, there are some logical explanations to it. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Caffeine. It is probably good to increase your metabolic rate or to keep you alert during a busy day. However, you should also realize that taking the caffeine too much (or too strong) may affect your heart. If you take too much caffeine, your heart will have to work extra hard to compensate the condition. If you are into caffeine so much, be sure to pay attention to your consumption. If you have consumed caffeinated drinks or foods, it is best to limit your beverage intake up to only 2 cups a day. If you consume caffeinated drink or food and you start experiencing the palpitations, it is possible that the caffeine is too strong. It would be wise to avoid it. Caffeine is good only when you consume it within the suggested limit or dosage.


  • Smoking. Caffeine isn’t the only stimulant for the body; the nicotine is too. The problem is, cigarette has quite a high level of nicotine. When your body is overly stimulated, it will affect the heart. That’s why smokers tend to have fluttery or irregular heartbeats.


  • Anxiety and panic. Your body has its natural mechanism when dealing with issue – it’s either flee or fight. It will increase the adrenaline and it prepares your body to deal with the situation. The heart, again, will be affected, so it is pretty common for the beats to be irregular and not synchronous. When you are constantly exposed to the stressful condition, your body will be adjusted to such a condition. When your metabolic system increases, your heart rate will change too.


As it was mentioned before, the cardiovascular issue can also be the major cause for the heart palpitations.

If you suffer from valuvuar heart issue, congestive heart issue, myocardial infarction, or cardiac arrhythmias, they may also be responsible for the heart palpitations.

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Lying Down on the Left and Fluttery Heart

Some people complain that they are suffering from heart palpitations when lying on left side. The strange thing is that they don’t suffer from the palpitations when they are lying on their back or lying on the right side.

It is not a strange thing, however – not if you take a look at the scientific explanation.

 heart palpitations when lying on left side
heart palpitations when lying on left side

You see, when you are super tired, all you want to do is to relax and lie down, right? When you try to lie down, your body has its own mechanism to slow down on its own, but then body posture change the condition and also demand of your heart instantly and suddenly.

When you lie down on the left side, you are basically creating closer physical contact for the heart. When you lie down on the left, you create a closer gap between the chest and the heart.

The problem with the heart is that it is quite sensitive.

When it is irritated easily (a simple touch will do), your heart will beat irregularly and faster.

Another reason for heart palpitations when lying on left side is that you basically compress the left lung lobe, the stomach, and also the heart are all being compressed and pressed.

This right vagus nerve will naturally extend and expand upward, causing the heartbeat to rise and beat faster than the normal one.

If you experience the palpitations after eating, you should take a look at your habit. It is not advisable to immediately lie down after eating because it will affect your digestive system and how your body processes the food.

You see, when you immediately lie down after eating, it will create drastic and immediate increase within the blood circulation.

When your blood circulation increases, it will affect the heartbeat.

The more increase within the blood circulation, the faster your heartbeat is. And it is not uncommon for the heart to suffer from irregular beats.

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Heart Palpitations at Night

It is also pretty common for some people to experience heart palpitations at night. Night palpitations or palpitations when lying down aren’t dangerous but the condition can be quite uncomfortable.

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It can be uncomfortable because of the condition, but it can be uncomfortable because of the fear. After all, feeling that fluttery sensation on your chest isn’t exactly a nice experience.

Heart Palpitations at Night
Heart Palpitations at Night

Heart palpitations aren’t exactly different from the day palpitations. Somehow, the nigh palpitations are more apparent or noticeable because of the surrounding condition.

Because the night is generally quiet, you have more noticeable sensations of your condition. There are no other things that may distract you from the sensation inside your chest.

Avoiding The Problems

Is heart palpitations when lying on left side preventable? Yes, you can actually avoid it, especially if you don’t have any cardiovascular issue. You need to take a look into your daily habit and lifestyle in case you often suffer from the fluttery heart condition.

Do you experience the palpitations after eating and immediately lying down? Do you experience it after having a large meal? Do you experience it after exercising strenuously or drinking caffeine close to your bed time?

All of these things are preventable, really.

heart palpitations when lying on left side.
heart palpitations when lying on left side.

If you are a heavy smoker, it is best to reduce the smoke or cut it off completely. If you have dinner, it is best to take place 2 hours to 3 hours before the sleeping time.

It gives your system enough time to digest the food. The same thing also applies to the condition when you have a large meal.

Give your body the time to digest everything before you finally go to bed. It is also a good idea to exercise not close to the bed time. It is okay to exercise at night (provided that you may not have the time to do it in the morning), but make sure that you provide enough time gap between the exercise hour and your bed time.

When you are exercising, your heart rate will elevate. It takes time to return to the regular beat. When you exercise, take a shower, and then immediately go to bed, your body doesn’t have the enough time to return to the regular condition and beat.

Now you know the basic explanation about this situation.

After reading the logical reasons of why heart palpitations when lying on left side, and it is also possible to prevent the issue, what are you going to do next?


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