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Getting Rid of Flying Ants in Natural Ways

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People are already bothered enough when they see a small colony of ants crawling across the floor or kitchen counter, imagine if this time those little annoying creatures have wings! These are the one of, if not most, annoying pests.

Don’t worry though they cannot physically hurt you although you may be mentally exhausted thinking of ways of getting rid of flying ants.

For your information, these winged ants are literally just ants who happen to have sexually matured and thus caused them to develop wings and fly with only one purpose in their minds (if they have any, that is), to mate with others.

These nauseating pests are most pervasive over the summer and they tend to travel in swarms so they always come in a large quantity that causes them to attract human’s attention when they pay a visit.

If your home happens to have become a nest for these flying ants, no need to hire an exterminator because there are ways you can do to get rid of them.

Getting Rid of Flying Ants Naturally

Flying ants can be a major problem once they get inside your cabinets, food or even sting you. Luckily, there are various ways of getting rid of flying ants naturally and you may even already have the ingredients needed in your house such as vinegar, sugar, or lemon juice.

Those three instances can repel and even kill flying ants. You might want to exterminate them rather than just getting them out of your house because there is a high chance they might come back.

Moreover, they can give you bites and spread diseases.

A lot of people opt for ways of getting rid of flying ants indoor naturally because they can only be harmful to ants and not to you or your family and pets.

The first thing you should do is notice if those are really flying ants and not termites because termites can cause serious damage to your house’s wooden structures.

Here is how you can tell whether they are termites or flying ants.

  1. Flying ants have a pinched “waist” and winged termites have a broad waist
  2. Winged ants have a pair of big front wings while the back wings are smaller. Winged termites, on the other hand, have two pair of winged that are the same sizes.
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If you are sure that they are flying ants like carpenter ants, tawny crazy ants, fire ants, or pharaoh ants then you need to eradicate them especially if they get to your properties. Learn the steps below.

  1. Find the original nests
 original nests
original nests

Those flying ants in your home must have built nests somewhere inside your house or yard. Destroy the ant colony completely to get rid of the flying ants.

Pro tip: ants love to build their nests in dark and damp places like crevices in trees or soil if the nests are outside.

If you are positive the nests may be inside the house, look for areas like under kitchen cabinets, sinks, empty spaces in furniture or around the house structures.

You can observe the ants crawling freely in your home where they travel to and from in order to find their nests.

  1. Use honey baits and boric acid
boric acid
boric acid

Getting rid of flying ants can be done by using boric acid and honey baits. Honey can attract ants and the boric acid will kill the ants when they take the honey to their nests and consume it.

Mix 2 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoon boric acid in a bowl.

Spread it on a cardboard and leave it until the ants come to it. Do this every day until you are sure all the ants are gone.

You might like to know that these two things can also get rid of ants in general.

Note that, you should be careful when using boric acid because this stuff is toxic.

Keep this insecticide away from children and pets.

  1. Use peppermint oil spray
 peppermint oil spray
peppermint oil spray

Did you know that peppermint oil spray can repels swarmers as well as gnats in a very effective way?

It is because these creatures do not like the strong smell that peppermint oil spray emits.

You can make your own natural aerosol insecticide at home by filling a spray bottle with one pad dish wash liquid, 3 parts water, and a few drops of peppermint oil.

Then, spray it on the flying ants or spray it directly on their nests. Don’t forget to shake it before using it.

You can always use or add lavender oil, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil or lemon oil because all of these essential oils can repel ants as well.

  1. Make a spray out of cinnamon leaf oil
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cinnamon leaf oil
cinnamon leaf oil

Another cheap and natural way of getting rid of flying ants is by making spray out of cinnamon leaf oil.

Cinnamon leaf oil has a huge amounts of eugenol which is known to be a natural insecticide which can repel and even kill ants, insects and bugs in general.

This method has been proven effective through a 2004 study that shows that cinnamon oil is a natural repellent that contains insecticidal properties.

You can make your own cinnamon leaf oil spray by mixing ¼ or ½ tablespoon cinnamon leaf oil in a cup of water.

Pour it into a spray bottle. Shake it and you can use it to kill swarmers.

You can spray it on entry areas to prevent flying ants and ants in general from coming in.

  1. Use vinegar
Use vinegar
Use vinegar

Vinegar contains insecticidal acid that can kill flying ants effectively. Mix water and vinegar in equal amount inside a spray bottle.

Spray it on the flying ants and their nests to get rid of them completely.

You can use this vinegar spray to get rid of sugar ants as well.

  1. Use lemon juice
lemon juice
lemon juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid that can function as insecticide to keep ants at bay.

Moreover, by using lemon juice spray it can be an additional room freshener so that is like killing two birds with one stone.

Do this by squeezing the juice from 1 or 2 lemons into a spray bottle.

Fill the bottle with water. Shake it well and spray it on the flying ants or the nests to eradicate them naturally.

  1. Use dish soap
dish soap
dish soap

Getting rid of flying ants can be done by using inexpensive regular dish soap too. It is really effective to stop the flying ants from becoming a pest in your house because the soap sticks to the wings and thus disabling them to fly.

This method is probably more practical and easy to implement because pretty much everyone has dish soap at home but only some have essential oils laying around in their cabinets.

To do this, you can mix one part dish soap with 3 parts water in a spray bottle.

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Mix them well and spray it on those annoying swarmers. This dish soap spray can also be used to eradicate German cockroaches in no time.

  1. Use mint
Use mint

If you don’t want to kill flying ants but just want to get them out of your house then you can use mint leaves because they are also natural ant repellents.

Mint leaves can stop those swarmers from nesting inside your house. This method requires vigilance and some time though so you should be patient.

To do this, make a powder out of dried mint leaves. Sprinkle them around the ants have their nests.

Then, when the ants have completely gone you should seal the hole or crack so the ants won’t come back.

It is advisable that you have your own mint plants in your yard or garden because mint leaves are really effective to get rid of wasps.

  1. Use sugar and baking soda
baking soda
baking soda

The last on our list is two things that everyone has stored in their kitchen cabinets, baking soda and sugar. Those stuff can completely eradicate nasty flying ants by exterminating the nests.

While baking soda is completely safe for humans, it is really toxic to ants. You will need sugar added in the mixture in order to attract the ants.

When they take it to their nest and digest it, they will die.

Those natural methods are really effective for getting rid of flying ants. Now, that you have gotten rid of them, you might want to prevent other flying ants or ants in general from coming.

You should get rid of any debris and leftover food. Make sure the garbage can is fastened securely too and check for any small leaks under sinks because they can gather moisture and water which can eventually attract ants.

It is also important to remember that flying ants usually come at certain times of the year like in early summer and late spring.

You should never worry about flying ants nesting in your house anymore thanks to these natural yet inexpensive ways that are effective for getting rid of flying ants.


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