Splinter in doctor home remedies
Splinter in doctor home remedies

How To Get Out of Splinter: Various Safe And Efficient Alternatives

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So, how to get out of splinter correctly, without causing further issue? Never underestimate a splinter because it can be painful and it can cause further issues. You probably don’t believe that such a small fragment can actually cause a bigger problem when it is not correctly treated.

If you want to know more about the condition, read on so you know the basic danger and possible further complication because of the splinter.

Understanding Splinter

What is a splinter, anyway? It is basically a small fragment from foreign objects that penetrated the body and lodged in there. Any materials are possible, from plastic, glass, animal spines, or metal. One of the most common splinters that most people experience is the wooden material.

In most cases, the splinters are happening on the hands and fingers because you have to handle some materials, such as moving the wooden furniture or manage the plants.

How To Get Out of Splinter
How To Get Out of Splinter

Depending on the size of the splinters, the level of pain is different from one another. However, expect the common sharp pain when the object is entering the skin. After all, the object is sharp enough to penetrate the skin so it is understandable if it is quite painful.

In general, the splinter will break through the cutaneous skin layer and get into the subcutaneous layer (which is located below the cutaneous). It won’t be a problem when the splinter stays at that location. However, things will be more complicated and difficult when it moves around, especially when it damages other tissues around the spot.

For some people, they are used to the way of removing the splinter with the needle. After all, knowing how to get out of splinter with a needle is pretty simple and easy.

You only need to clean the needle with the alcohol properly. However, there are problems when removing the splinters with needles.

First of all, kids don’t really like this method. They don’t like the fact that you are going to use another sharp and pointy thing to pick the splinter. Second, this method doesn’t always successfully work, especially if you don’t have the patience.

Some Safe Ways to Remove the Splinters

It doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to use the needle to remove the splinters. Feel free to do so if you know that you can do it right. You may be surprised to know that there are actually some alternative ways to remove the splinters. So, how to get out of splinter, anyway?

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How To Get Out of Splinters
How To Get Out of Splinters

First of all, you need to know the location of the splinter exactly. It also helps to know the direction, the size, and the depth of the splinter. When you want to remove the splinter, ALWAYS:

  • Wash the hands thoroughly. Use soapy and warm water to prevent any possible infection.
  • Observe the splinter whether there is a still protruding area, the direction, and how it goes to the skin.
  • When you soak the affected area, it can soften the skin so you should be able to remove the splinter easily. Don’t forget to use a magnifying glass so you can see the affected area better. Good lighting will also help.
  • Avoid squeezing or pinching the splinter because it may break to even smaller pieces. Naturally, they will be more difficult to remove.

When the part of the splinter is still found outside the skin, using tweezers is considered the best method. Make sure that you have disinfected the pair of tweezers first with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

The tweezers are effective to pinch the sticking part of the splinters. Pull it out with the same direction as it went in.

What if all parts of the splinter is under the skin? You can use a small needle along with the tweezers. You should sanitize both the tweezers and also the needle with the previous method.

Then, gently break or lift the skin. This allows better access and way to the splinter. Once you have the access, use the tweezers to pull it out. Again, use the same direction as it went in.

If you have tiny splinter that somehow protrudes from the skin, you can use the tape. Choose the super sticky one. Touch the tape to the affected area so you can catch the splinter and then move slowly so you can stick the tape to the splinter. Once the tape is able to catch the splinter, pull it out from your skin.

When you remove the tape, the splinter should come along. If the first effort fails, repeat the process.

If the splinters are super small and they don’t cause you any pain or discomfort, they will come out naturally. If you don’t feel any pain, discomfort, or annoyance with the splinters, it is better for you to wait.

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The body is magical thing; it has its own mechanism to remove any foreign objects. No need to bother learning how to get out of splinter, right?

What should you do after you successfully removing the splinter? You should wash the affected area with soap and warm water. Pat dry and then cover it using a bandage. You won’t have to worry about a thing or possible side effects.

Getting the Medical Assistance

Despite the seemingly easy ways to remove the splinters, there are times when it is best for you to consult the doctor or seek medical attention. There are certain occurrences when you should go immediately to the doctor, especially if the splinter is deep, or big, or located close to the eye.

medical aid
medical aid

Go to the doctor right away if you think that the wound is somewhat infection. Symptoms of infection are swelling, excessive pain, pus, discoloration or redness, bleeding, and warmth on the area (especially when you touch it).

In case you are suffering from bleeding, use the gauze to cover the wound and to slow the bleeding down. Press on the gauze and make sure that it is elevated – it should be above the heart.

Home Remedies to Get the Splinters out

You may not know this but there are natural home remedies that you can try to remove the splinter. You can use essential oils or baking soda to deal with the issue.

For most people, these home remedies are better because they are painless and they have very little possibility of side effects.

Do you know how to get out of splinter with the home remedy solutions?

Splinter in doctor home remedies
Splinter in doctor home remedies

If you use baking soda, mix a tablespoon of water and also baking soda. It will ‘force’ the splinter to come to the surface.

Then, by using the band-aid, cover the area. Let it for several hours before removing the band-aid and then washing off the affected area from the mixture.

You should now see the splinter on the surface. You can easily pull it out. Apply antiseptic on it. The baking soda is perfect for small splinters or when they are embedded deeply within the skin. Baking soda will somehow make the skin swell. It will naturally push out the splinter.

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What about the essential oils? Choose the thieves or lavender oil for guaranteed success. Apply the oils on the affected skin and wait for several minutes.

If the splinter has come out to the surface, simply use the sterilized tweezers to pull it out. If it hasn’t, just wait for another minute.

Some drops will be enough to remove small splinters. But if you deal with bigger ones, you may have to reapply the oils several times. The essential oils won’t only cause the splinters to come out to the surface but it will also prevent infections, thanks to the natural antimicrobial traits.

The oils have their own healing as well as anti inflammatory property that will help the skin from recovering.

Another possible alternative is to use hot water. You should fill in a bottle with hot water. Make sure it almost reaches the brim.

Then, you should press the area on the brim. You should see that the action will create a vacuum (which is possible when you press hard and firm). Just stay that way for several minutes.

Then, remove the bottle away. Now, you can see that the splinter is somewhat drawn out. Use the sterilized tweezers to pull it out easily.

This hot water works because the steam opens the pores. And during the vacuum condition, you can see the pull exerts the flesh. When these two actions are combined together, it will draw out the splinter.

Using the Epsom salt and band aid will also help. Simply place the salt on the affected area and then cover the bandage on it.

Just be sure that the salt is making a contact with the affected area. Just leave it be for the whole day, and you should remove it later on.

If it is not done in the evening, you can try the next day. You should see now that the splinter has come up to the surface, along with the bandage – if you are lucky. But if not, use the tweezers to pull it out.

As you can see, there are many other alternatives to deal with splinters – big or small ones. As long as you know how to get out of splinter safely and efficiently, you should be fine.

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