Heart Palpitations
Heart Palpitations

5 Essential Oils for Heart Palpitations and What To Know About The Oils

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Do you know that there are essential oils for heart palpitations ? Yes, it is believed that some herbal solutions can be used to cure the fluttery of the heart.

Of course, there are some logical and scientific reasoning for it but you need to have an open mind and ear about it. It doesn’t always mean that essential oils will be able to efficiently treat the heart flutter but it should be able to soothe the symptoms.

Heart Palpitations and the Most Common Reasons

Heart Palpitations
Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are the condition where your beat is out of control – some people call it being not synchronous. The symptoms are different for different people. Some people may experience (what seems to feel like) their heart being stopped for a moment.

Some experience a flapping sensation inside their chest while others experience a fluttery sensation (like the butterfly).

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Some may experience a sensation as if the heart sank to their stomach. All of these conditions are basically sensations so they aren’t actually happening.

However, when you experience such a thing, it isn’t exactly the nicest sensation that may happen to you. If you are new to this or you are completely clueless about it, the whole experience and sensation can be frightening.

About The Heart in General

Your heart is the machine that keeps your body running and operating. Sure, other organs are important but without the heart, they won’t be able to function either.

So, what’s the role of the essential oils for heart palpitations, anyway? Well, essential oils are believed to provide basic care and maintenance for your overall health.

It is not a medicine or a cure, but it is believed to activate and affect the nerves so they can function better. Using the essential oils is basically about prevention although ancient practice has proven that prolonged use of the oils to treat a certain condition can lead to a better outcome.

But then again, it takes further studies and scientific research to prove a point.

Heart Disease in General
Heart Disease in General

When a human lives for around 70 years in the standard lifespan, their heart will beat at around 2.5 billion times, respectively. It has the vital function to pump the blood, which is responsible for transporting oxygen and blood to the cells. It ensures the proper functionality of the organs.

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If you want to monitor your heart, you can use the blood pressure as well as the pulse. Those are the two most common ways to monitor your heart.

Consult a professional health worker if you want to know how to check your pulse. It doesn’t hurt to know how to properly check the blood pressure either, but make sure that you consult the right source.

Your heart condition is affected by many factors, such as food quality, eating habits, lifestyle, stress, and resting habits – all of these can affect your condition.

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If you have an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits and less stress, your heart will be on a good condition. However, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle with poor eating habits and a lot of stress and pressure, then it shouldn’t be a surprise if your heart is heavily affected.

Heart palpitations can be common in some situations, such as stress or pregnancy.

However, if you aren’t pregnant and yet you are still experiencing heart palpitations, it is most likely that your condition is caused by the stress. And this is when the essential oils are mostly needed to address your issue.

About Essential Oils in General

Essential oils have been used not only for generations or decades, but for centuries. It is believed that such an oil isn’t only great for the mind, but also the body and skin.

The nice smell is able to stimulate the brain, creating a peaceful and soothing feeling.

When people inhale the essential oils, they somehow become calmer and more peaceful. When you are in a relaxed state of feeling, it will slow down your heart pulse.

That’s why such essential oils are claimed to help soothing a stressful mind, mostly because of the positive effect it can induce from a simple inhalation.

Essential Oils in general
Essential Oils in general

There are different kinds of essential oils which can be extracted from different kinds of parts of the plants, such as:

  • Peppermint oil, which is extracted from the leaves
  • Juniper oil, which is extracted from the fruits
  • Frankincense oil, which is extracted from the resins
  • Rose oil, which is extracted from the flowers
  • Cinnamon oil, which is extracted from the bark
  • Ginger oil, which is extracted from the roots

Of course, different kinds of essential oils can deliver different kinds of effects and outcome. Depending on your condition or preference, you can choose the variants of the oils. Some oils are designed for relaxation only, while some are designed for health treatments.

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These essential oils have the tiny but active molecules (having their own special benefits and properties). Because of the small size, the molecules can penetrate into your brain through inhalation and also the skin into the bloodstream through the topical application.

So, the function of the best essential oils for heart palpitations is basically to provide soothing and relaxing effect. When you are stressed out and your heart responds to the stressor, inhaling the right essential oils can reduce the stress and make you more relaxed.

Even when you are pregnant (where it is common for you to suffer from heart palpitation), inhaling the essential oils can help to make you calmer.

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The Right and Proper Way of Using the Oils

There have been some studies about the usage of essential oils although there hasn’t been any specific study about essential oils for heart palpitations.

When you are exposed to the essential oils for an hour (through the inhalation method), it can lower the heart rate and also your blood pressure.

However, when you inhale the oils for more than an hour, it won’t be good for you. Instead of positive outcome, you will only experience negative effects.

Essential Oil for heart
Essential Oil for heart

One of the best ways to use the essential oils is to diffuse them for around 20 minutes per hour. It is also wise not to overdo it for more than 3 times per day.

When you diffuse the oil, make sure that the room is well ventilated – the essential oils have strong smells that can cause headache or nausea.

If you want to use the oil for medicinal reason, don’t overdo it. Remember that less is better because of the concentrated substance.

If you want to apply the oils on your skin, always dilute them in other carrier oils, such as veggie or olive oil.

Some of the Most Popular Oils for the Heart

Ylang ylang
Ylang ylang

Here are some of the best essential oils for heart palpitations that you can use for your own application. They are also good for anxiety and stress.

  • The nice smell has its own soothing, relaxing, and calming effect. It is definitely great to deal with irritability, nervous stomach, inner peace, panic attack, restlessness, and sleep. Lavender oil is often used for nervous issues.
  • Just like lavender, rose oil is good to treat depression and anxiety. It is also good to treat shock, grieve, and panic attack. Rose essential oil is often used by women with stressful lifestyle not only because of the nice smell but also for the positive calming properties.
  • Ylang ylang. This oil is somewhat uplifting your mood, induces optimism, courage, and also cheerfulness. It is often used to treat insomnia, thanks to the moderate sedative content. However, people with sensitive skin should avoid using this oil.
  • This oil can activate the feeling of stabilization, calmness, and self-awareness. It is often used to target the nervous system so any hypersensitivity or jitteriness can be reduced. It is also potent and useful for shock and panic attack.
  • It has its own unique smell and taste, creating calming effect. It is used to treat insomnia and depression. The oil is pretty safe but those with sensitive skin should avoid it because it can lead to rash and sunburn.
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Why should you mix the essential oils with other carrier oil or water? First of all, the oils are too strong or potent. If you won’t dilute it, it will be too strong that can create side effects or even harmful outcome.

Second, essential oils don’t have fatty acids but they won’t mix with water.

They can mix well with fat or honey or salts. Carrier oils such as olive or veggie oils have high levels of fatty acids. This is one of the major reasons why essential oils are advised to be used with the carrier oils.

The keyword is to use the oils in moderation. If you want to have 20 minutes of inhalation, 5 drops to 10 drops of the oils will be enough.

If you want to have topical application, mix around 6 drops to 30 drops of the essential oils with per ounce of the carrier oil.

But if you are applying it for the face, 6 drops to 12 drops should be enough. Those are the basic facts about essential oils for heart palpitations.


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