Myrrh essential oil
Myrrh essential oil

Essential Oils for Cold Sores On Lip – Natural Ways To Get Rid of Labialis

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Essential oils for cold sores on lip – Cold sores affect every human being at least once in their life. Cold sores are the consequence of having caught herpes simplex virus type 1 or SV-1. Oral herpes or cold sores (also called herpes labialis) are spread through kissing and other close personal contacts.

This infection spreads by saliva contact, skin to skin contact and having unprotected sex.

Genital herpes, on the other hand, can cause itching, pain as well as small sores as the first few symptoms which will eventually form scabs and ulcers.

Genital herpes then will lay dormant in the body after initial infection. This infection spreads by mother to baby during pregnancy, nursing or labor and by having unprotected sex.

Thankfully, you can benefit from essential oils to treat cold sores naturally without the help of over-the-counter medications. Below are some of the most recommended essential oils for cold sores on lip you should consider.

Essential Oils for Cold Sores on Mouth

Essential oils have loads of great benefits, not the least of which being natural treatment for cold sores. Essential oils can also give you a relaxing effect and relieve stress so that is even greater to use.

Furthermore, if you are not a fan of side effects that painkillers or antiviral medications give then these essential oils for cold sores on lip should be on your wishlist.

  1. Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree essential oil
Tea tree essential oil

First off, let’s start with the most popular essential oil to treat cold sores. Tea tree oil is very popular and effective for it can eliminate cold sore within the span of two or even one day. Normally, you will need weeks to be able to get rid of cold sores completely.

This may stem from the fact that tea tree essential oil contains anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial properties which can dry out the cold sores quickly and make it become smaller in size and eventually disappear.

This oil can work in its full extent when you apply it during the first stages of the cold sores before it has dried out.

Apply it directly to the cold sores by placing one or two drops of it on a damp cotton ball or cotton swab. Then, dab it gently on the cold sores and repeat this process until it has cleared up.

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Note that you should throw away the used cotton immediately to prevent the virus from spreading and make sure the cotton do not make contact with any part of your skin and mouth. You can also apply tea tree essential oil undiluted at full strength.

However, if you have sensitive skin and the undiluted oil is stronger than you think, you can make a mixture by adding water to it. Another creative alternative is to use it as a lotion. To do this, you need to mix three drops of this oil and add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

Remember this this lotion is not to be used if the skin on or around the cold sores is broken. Furthermore, don’t worry about the oil drying out your skin. The trick is to make a mixture of this oil with coconut oil and then apply it to the cold sores with the help of cotton swab or ball.

Another simple way is to constantly apply lip balm on your lips.

  1. Melissa oil

Melissa oil
Melissa oil

Melissa oil is also known as lemon balm. This oil falls within the type of mint and is one of the most used essential oils to treat cold sores. Melissa oil is really effective essential oils for cold sores on lip especially when you use it the moment you notice cold sores start to develop.

By applying as soon as you feel the first tingle of a cold sore forming, you can prevent the cold sores to develop to their full form.

If you are one of those people who suffer from cold sore outbreaks them you can really benefit from Melissa oil for it can reduce the frequency of the flare-ups. Moreover, some people have proved this oil to be really effective at completely ending outbreaks.

To use Melissa oil, you need to dilute to or three drops of it along with water. Then, apply it on to the cold sore directly. Another alternative is by adding one or two drops of Melissa oil to an herbal tea.

Drink at least two cups a day for a week straight to prevent cold sores from ever developing again in the future.

  1. Bergamot

Bergamot oil
Bergamot oil

By extracting Seville orange tree you will get bergamot essential oil which contains antibiotic and antibacterial properties that can fight against the virus responsible for cold sores.

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To make your own home remedy with this essential oil for cold sores on mouth you need to mix four drops of bergamot essential oil with 30 milliliters of St. John’s wort which is a powerful antiviral herb and an excellent carrier for bergamot.

Then, apply the mixture to a cold sore with a cotton swab. You can prevent cold sore from developing to its fullest form if you apply this remedy the moment you see the cold sore starts to develop. Remember that you should use furocoumarin-free bergamot for cold sores. It is also known as FCF.

Bergamot can also be found in Earl Grey tea and if you do not want to directly apply bergamot to your cold sore, you can drink several cups of Earl Grey tea daily instead.

Moreover, you can also apply an Earl Grey tea bag directly to the cold sores and it will provide similar outcome just like if you use bergamot essential oil.

  1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil
Lavender essential oil

Not only is lavender essential oil a great remedy for cold sore but it can treat various skin problems like bruises, irritation and cuts. Lavender essential oil can be an excellent stinging and itching reliever.

That is why, if your cold sores feel painful, you should use this oil instead.

Simply apply one drop of this oil directly on to the cold sore and you will almost instantly feel the pain and irritation gone in the next second. Furthermore, you can create a variety of blends with lavender and other essential oils.

You can create a lotion by adding four drops of lavender essential oils with three drops of tea tree and bergamot essential oil and five teaspoons of calendula cream lavender oil. This combination will make a soothing as well as moisturizing lotion.

  1. Myrrh essential oil

Myrrh essential oil
Myrrh essential oil

This particular essential oil comes from dried resin which is extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree. This essential oil has been used for so long to heal sores, wounds as well as infections. To use this oil, you need to add several drops on a cotton ball or swab and then directly apply it to the cold sores.

You can do this process over and over again 10 times per day for a few days in order to minimize the appearance of the nasty cold sore. Furthermore, you can also benefit from myrrh essential oil to clean your teeth.

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That is why, myrrh essential oil is also a great remedy for cold sores that happen on the inside your mouth.

To make a myrrh mouthwash, simply add several drops of this oil with one and a half cups of water as well as one teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt. You can add other essential oils into this combination like spearmint, clove or peppermint.

  1. Geranium

Geranium oil
Geranium oil

This essential oils for cold sores on lip contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory as well as astringent properties which can minimize irritation that is often associated with cold sores. Moreover, this essential oil is effective for reducing the size of the cold sores and getting rid of this in a matter of a few days.

To use geranium essential oil to treat cold sore, simply soak a cotton ball in water and then add one or two drops of geranium essential oil.

Then, dab the cotton ball on the affected spot a few times daily until the nasty cold sore completely disappear. Note that, you can dilute this essential oil with some water if you happen to have sensitive skin.

Another alternative way to use geranium essential oil is to make a blend by combining 8 drops of this oil with another 8 drops of tree tea oil, 3 drops of lemon oil and 5 drops of lavender oil.

  1. Hyssop

Hyssop oil
Hyssop oil

This essential oil is produced from Hyssop plant which is a perennial plant that comes from the Mediterranean area. It contains antiviral properties that can help you to treat infections and of course cold sores.

Not only can this essential oil get rid of cold sores but also reduce the irritation and pain you feel because of cold sores.

You can use Hyssop essential oil by directly applying it to the cold sores. This is actually the best way to benefit from this oil. Hyssop is actually milder and gentler than other essential oils listed in this article so this is completely safe for people who have sensitive skin.

Instead of rushing to the doctor and getting prescribed drugs to treat your cold sores, you should definitely use one of these essential oils for cold sores on lip because not only are they completely natural and safe but they work quickly and meritoriously.

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