Belladonna 30c
Belladonna 30c

7 Homeopathic Remedies for Pink Eye And Symptoms

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Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a painful infection of the eyes which makes them red and makes the eyelids swollen and sticky. This eye infection commonly troubles children but adults can still be infected nonetheless. Moreover, it is very contagious.

The first instinct that most people would do is go to the doctor and have him prescribe something for them. But why should you when you can do it yourself through homeopathic remedies for pink eye? Homeopathy is a system of treating diseases in which ill people are given very small amounts of natural substances which, in healthy people, would produce the same effects as the diseases produce.

Homeopathic Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis comes in four types namely bacterial, viral, allergic and the one which is resulted by a foreign body causing abrasions. Those four types are a little bit difficult to distinguish physically. This eye condition is best treated with homeopathic remedies for it will heal your eyes effectively as well as prevent the likelihood of it ever happening again.

While in most cases, pink eye will disappear in 10 days or more by itself but taking a swift action to get rid of it is always a better alternative. Thankfully, there are various treatments available for conjunctivitis starting from homeopathic remedies for pink eye to medical treatment.

One important thing to remember is that you should give a dose three or four times daily three days in a row when you choose to go with homeopathic remedies. Here are some of the best homeopathic remedies for pink eye to consider.

  1. Belladonna 30c

Belladonna 30c
Belladonna 30c

If your pink eye is quite severe then using Belladonna 30c is a must especially if you experience intense redness in the conjunctiva and feel throbbing pain. Belladonna 30c is all the more needed if there is bloodshot appearance in the white areas of the eye and there is a feeling of discomfort when faced in a bright room and there is loud noises.

Furthermore, if it is also associated with high fever then the need to use this particular homeopathic remedy increases.

Note that, only use Belladonna 30c if the cases of your pink eye is really severe and intense and there is a rapid onset of symptoms. If it is only mild you should opt for other remedies.

  1. Euphrasia Officinalis 30c

Euphrasia Officinalis 30c
Euphrasia Officinalis 30c

This particular homeopathic remedy for eye infection is made from the herb eyebright or Euphrasia. You should dilute it 1:25 if purchased in alcohol as a tincture. That is, one drop of tincture in addition to 25 drops of warm water. Then, drop this mixture directly into your infected eye with an eyedropper.

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If you don’t have any eyedropper at home, you can use clean pad or cloth by gently placing it on the eye and squeezing it lightly. You should opt for this remedy if there is a huge amount of clear flowing watery tears that burn your eye as well as the surrounding skin.

Those tears will turn into a white or greenish discharge over time and might be followed by the feeling of having a foreign object like sand nestled in the eye.

  1. Pulsatilla 30c

Pulsatilla 30c
Pulsatilla 30c

The third homeopathic remedy you should consider is Pulsatilla 30c if you experience an intense itching feeling.

Moreover, if you notice a thick greenish or yellow discharge in the eye that doesn’t excoriate the skin, then Pulsatilla 30c is the homeopathic remedies for pink eye you should go for.

In most cases, this homeopathic remedy is needed by women. The person, regardless of gender, who needs this may sometimes be clingy and feel worse in a warm room. They also feel no thirst. The trick is to apply cool compress to the eye to soothe it.

  1. Sulphur

Sulphur for Homeopathic
Sulphur for Homeopathic

If there is redness in your eye that is accompanied by itching and burning feeling then this remedy is perfect for you. This includes the white area of your eye is also red and bloodshot as well as the tears feel hot. Symptoms may be worsen from heat.

  1. Apis Mellifica

Apis Mellifica Homeopathic remedies
Apis Mellifica Homeopathic remedies

You are in need of Apis Mellifica if your eyelids are puffy and swollen. It is also associated with burning and stinging pain and your eyelids may even stick together.

Your eye then will need to be applied with cold compress. If you constantly feel irritable then it is a sign that you need this remedy.

  1. Argentum Nitricum

Argentum Nitricum Homeopathic remedies
Argentum Nitricum Homeopathic remedies

By using this remedy you may experience swelling in the eyelids that is associated with yellowish discharge and redness in the white area or inner eyelids.

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There might be an achy feeling and your eye may feel tired and feel worse both from light and warmth. But you feel will better by applying cold compress and inhaling fresh air.

  1. Arsenicum Alb

This homeopathic remedy is needed if the conjunctiva is swollen, red and infected. Furthermore, it is all the more needed if there is purulent discharge and you feel a hot burning sensation.

The pain can be eased with the help of warm compresses. The eyelids may be crusty too and stick together and eyelashes may fall out. In most cases, the patients often feel panic and cannot easily be reassured.

Arsenicum Alb Homeopathic remedies
Arsenicum Alb Homeopathic remedies

You should also be knowledgeable in treating pink eye with homeopathic remedies. This kind of remedy come in various strengths or potencies such as 6c, 12c and 30c.

Those are gentle and perfect to be used at as home remedies.

Acute conditions sometimes require 30c. Once you have picked the remedy, give one does which is 3 or 5 pellets under the tongue and then observe.

Another dose might be needed if there is no improvement in the next few hours. Homeopathic remedies for pink eye is even better than traditional treatments for this condition because this remedy works by employing constitutional remedy internally. You will not needed external applications for additional treatment.

The 30c potency is highly recommended and should be taken every two hours and if necessary in two days in a row.

If you prefer to apply something directly to the eyes then you can go for pills or tables that can be dissolved in a small sterilized water and use it to wash your eye.

Another beneficial tip you might like to know is that bathing your eyes as often as you can is really helpful. Do this with salt water. You can use a mix of water and half milk if your eyes are so sticky.

You can also benefit from green tea to treat your pink eye condition. Green tea contains bioflavonoids which can provide relief and reduce inflammation while it fights against viral and bacterial infections.

To do this, you need to dip a green tea bag in a boiled water and gently placed it in the infected area.

You can also make a cup of green tea and then soak a warm pad or washcloth in it to create a warm compress.

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Symptoms You Should be Aware of

Homeopathic remedies for pink eye
Homeopathic remedies for pink eye

Conjunctivitis is contagious and it often feels and looks worse than it actually is. Treatment for pink eye should be conducted as soon as possible to prevent any tissue damage and other complications. Allergies, bacteria or viruses, and irritants are the causes of pink eye. Homeopathic remedies for pink eye symptoms usually include:

  1. Body aches
  2. Itchiness
  3. Sensitivity to light
  4. Tenderness of the eye and pain
  5. Eye discomfort
  6. Redness of the eye or inner eyelids
  7. Teariness and discharge
  8. Discharge can cause eyelids to crust and stick together while sleeping
  9. Eyelids swelling
  10. Infection of one eye which then spread to the other one

Viral conjunctivitis is closely associated with eye discharge that is watery and thin and bacterial conjunctivitis is accompanied by thick discharges. Both types of conjunctivitis are very contagious.

There is also allergic rhino conjunctivitis which is accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharges.

Parents should be extra aware of their newborns having pink eye especially if the mother has STD for virus or bacteria can pass through the birth canal easily into the baby’s eyes.

Babies also have a very small tear duct and it can become blocked and thus lead to pink eye.

That’s why, it is important for pregnant women to get screened in order to make sure there is not any bacteria laden STD so the health of the unborn baby and mother is guaranteed.

In order to prevent pink eye from ever happening again, you should maintain a proper management like avoid rubbing your eyes as best as you can and maintain personal hygiene.

Washing your eyes with cold water is better and you should never come into contact with allergens if you are suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. Note that, you should not be wearing contact lenses while having pink eye.

Many people are benefiting from homeopathic remedies for pink eye because they can effectively manage the swelling, eye discharges, redness as well as gritty sensations in the eye.

You will experience quick recovery from this remedy as well and there is no side effect from homeopathic remedies.

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