Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil

5 Best Essential Oils for Allergies Diffuser That Work

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Essential Oils for Allergies Diffuser – People who suffer from allergies understand the annoyance they experience when the allergies are acting up. Hay fever or to call it in clinical term, allergic rhinitis, might pay a visit to your body when your immune system becomes sensitized and overreacts to something in the surrounding.

Seasonal allergy symptoms also affects individuals as much as hay fever does and as of today the statistics continues to grow. Children most specially are vulnerable to either of this. Everyone always looks for a quick relief and thankfully you can now benefit from essential oils.

They can help treat the symptoms naturally while at the same time boost the immune system. If you are looking for some essential oils for allergies diffuser recommendation, you should read our comprehensive list below.

Essential Oils to Overcome Allergies

Essential oils are effective treatment method to overcome hypersensitivity in the body. People’s allergies are caused by many different reasons but the most common ones are dust, pollen, insect stings, mold, animal dander, latex, food or medications.

You should use essential oils for allergies diffuser because they have the ability to prevent inflammation as well as boost the immune system.

The essential oils works by detoxifying the body and then fighting infections, parasites, bacteria, harmful toxins and microorganisms.

They manage to reduce the body’s susceptibility to outside sources including the body’s overreaction of the immune system when there is a harmless intruder.

Some essential oils are even able to increase urination and sweat as well as relieve respiratory conditions by eliminating toxins.

Without further ado, here are our top essential oils for allergies diffuser recipes:

  1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil

By inhaling diffused peppermint oil offers you a quick relief for it unclogs the sinuses in an instant and can relieve scratchy throats as well. Peppermint oil functions as an expectorant and thus provides assistance in treating allergies, coughs, colds, asthma, sinusitis as well as bronchitis.

The peppermint has the ability to release phlegm and as a result, decrease inflammation, which is known to be the number one reason of allergic reactions.

Peppermint oil has been proven to be an effective essential oil for allergies diffuser by a study conducted in 2010 published in Journal of Ethnopharmacology where the results indicate that peppermint oil is a great relaxant as well as exhibits antispasmodic activity, inhibiting contractions which causes cough to happen.

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Furthermore, a study published in European Journal of Medical Research also shows that peppermint oil contains anti-inflammatory effects which can reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammatory disorders like bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis.

To make your own home remedy using peppermint oil you need to diffuse 5 drops it in order to unclog sinuses as well provide relief for scratchy throat.

This remedy is able to relax your nasal muscles as well which allows your body to clear out allergens like pollen and mucus. Take 1 or 2 drops of pure peppermint essential oil internally to reduce inflammation.

Do this once per day. If you don’t like its original taste, you can mix it with a cup of tea, a smoothie or a glass of water.

Another alternative to use it is by applying it on to your chest, temples or back of the neck. If you happen to have sensitive skin, you should dilute peppermint with jojoba or coconut oil before topical application.

  1. Basil Oil

Basil Oil
Basil Oil

Basil oil has the power of anti-inflammatory because of allergens. It provides support for adrenal glands too which are responsible for producing about 50 hormones that basically drive pretty much every bodily function.

Basil essential oil works by making your body reach in an appropriate way and time to a potential threat by rushing blood to your heart, brain as well as muscles.

Furthermore, this essential oil is effective for detoxifying the body of viruses and bad bacteria while at the same time fighting fatigue and inflammation.

This particular essential oil can trigger antimicrobial activity which ultimately kills bacteria, mold and yeast which can very well lead to respiratory damage and asthma.

To make this home remedy you need to take one drop of this oil internally and add it to salad or soup. If you are looking for a respiratory relief you need to dilute 2 or 3 drops of this oil with 2 or 3 drops of coconut oil.

Apply it topically to your back, temples, chest and neck.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has the ability to open up your sinuses and lungs, which consequently improves the circulation and over time will reduce allergies symptoms. Eucalyptus oil can provide a cold sensation inside your nose which allows for airflow improvement.

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This is a great essential oil for allergies diffuser because it has citronellal which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

You can depend on this oil to be your expectorant as well. Eucalyptus oil can help cleanse your body and get rid of harmful microorganisms and toxins which cause allergies.

According to a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2011, eucalyptus essential oil works well to treat upper respiratory tract infections.

Patients treated with eucalyptus spray were reported to have shown a drastic improvement in the severity of their most enervating respiratory tract infection symptoms. The patients in the placebo groups showed poor improvement. Improvement here is considered as a reduction of hoarseness, sore throat, and cough.

To make your own eucalyptus oil home remedy, you need to diffuse five drops of eucalyptus. You can also apply it topically on to your temples and chest.

If you are looking for congestion relief and clearing nasal passages, you should add 1 or 2 drops of this oil to a cup of boiling water.

Then, inhale deeply for 5 to 10 minutes while placing a towel on top of your head.

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil
Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is known to be able to provide support for lymphatic system drainage and overcoming respiratory conditions. Lemon essential oil is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria and at the same time improve your immune system.

It can eliminate allergy triggers in the air and kill bacteria when it is diffused at home. To make your own home remedy, you need to mix 1 or 2 drops of lemon essential oil and water.

Not only does it help improve your immune system but it can also help with pH balance.

Furthermore, it provides body detoxification. Lemon essential oil is able to stimulate the liver and get rid of toxins which could cause inflammation as well as overactive immune system. To top it off, lemon water is a great white blood cell stimulator which is really important to produce to boost immune system.

Fortunately, the list of lemon oil benefits goes on. It can also be a great disinfectant for your home and you don’t even need to use bleach or alcohol. Lemon essential oil can eradicate pollutants and bacteria in your bathroom, kitchen and bedroom by reducing the triggers in your house and keeping the air fresh and clean.

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You can benefit from lemon essential oil the most during season changes when outside allergens could be brought inside the house by clothes or shoes.

To make lemon essential oil remedy, you need to pour lemon oil into your laundry detergent.

You can also add a few drops of it to water and spray it on your sheets, carpets, curtains and couches.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very powerful and effective way to eradicate airborne pathogens which lead to allergies. You can also kill bacteria, fungi and mold if you diffuse it in your house.

Tea tree oil is basically an antiseptic agent and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

You can also safely apply it to your skin to kill microorganisms and bacteria. Tea tree oil has the ability to be disinfectant in your home and eradicate allergens too. This particular essential oil triggers antimicrobial activity against many kinds of yeast, bacteria as well as fungi.

All of these microbes are responsible for inflammation which consequently make the body’s immune system to go into overdrive. Tea tree oil can treat hives, skin rashes and clean your house.

To use it topically, you should add 2 or 3 drops of it to a clean cotton ball and apply it gently to the affected area. If you have sensitive skin, then dilute it with a carrier oil beforehand like jojoba or coconut oil.

Those essential oils for allergies diffuser will provide relief in the most natural way.

These essential oils can be a treatment method for food allergies as well. Simply take 1 or 2 drops of peppermint or lemon oil internally to alleviate food allergies symptoms. This oil will increase sweat and urination and ultimately detoxify your body and get rid of allergens.

You can prevent seasonal allergies as well with lemon or tea tree oil. Take 20 drops of tea tree oil or 40 drops of lemon oil to a 16 oz. spray bottle. Fill the bottle with water and add a small amount of white vinegar. Then, spray it on any area needed in your house.

It goes without saying but prevention is way better than cure. These essential oils for allergies diffuser should be handy for they provide quick way to alleviate your allergies.

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